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Lawrence Phelps & Associates

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Articles by Lawrence Phelps
A Brief Look At The French Classical Organ, Its Origins and German Counterpart
Article for the ARGO division of the Decca Record Co. Ltd., accompanying Gillian Weir's recording, Couperin - Pièces d'Orgue, ARGO STEREO 4BBA 1011/2, April 1973
An Introduction To Change-Ringing
Explanation of Change Ringing Sequences
An Organ for Our Time
Lecture given at Southwestern Regional Convention of AGO, Oklahoma City, June 1971
An Organ for Today
Address delivered to the Connecticut Chapter of the American Guild of organists at the Choate School, Wallingford, April 13, 1970
A Short History of the Organ Revival
Church Music, biannual published by Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Missouri, Spring 1967
Compound Stops in Mother Church Organ of Christian Science
This article appeared in two parts in the January and Febrary 1953 issues of The Diapason.
Creative Church Acoustics
Discussion held in offices of Bolt Beranek & Newman, sponsored by Massachusetts Chapter of the American Guild of Organists published in Protestant Church Buildings and Equipment, February 1963
Designing a 2 Manual Organ
The Diapason, September 1961
Effects of Wind Chest Design on the Speech of Organ Pipes
The Organ Institute Quarterly, Winter 1953, Spring 1953
Great Organ Placed In C. S. Mother Church
This article appeared in the July 1, 1952 issue of The Diapason.
Organ and Sanctuary, One Musical Instrument
Lecture given at the Organ and Church Acoustics Symposium, North Shore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, Illinois, sponsored by Bolt, Beranek and Newman, February 1970, published in The Diapason, October 1970
The Organ Institute Quarterly, Winter 1954
Towards a Rational Tonal Design
Lecture given to the National Convention of the American Guild of Organists, Los Angeles, July 1962
Towards a Rational Tonal Design: Examples for Lecture
Stop list examples to accompany articles Towards a Rational Tonal Design.
Thoughts On The Future Of The Organ
ISO-Information, No. 1, Journal of the International Society of Organbuilders, February 1969
Trends in North American Organ Building
Lecture given to the International Organ Festival, St. Albans, June 1969, published in MUSIC The AGO/RCCO Magazine, May 1970